Safe and traceable feed

Silage offers the benefit of being a home-produced feed. It is clean and natural with complete traceability and a relatively low cost to the farmer. If not correctly stored, whether in clamp, silo or bale, the development of moulds, for example, can pose hazards for humans and for livestock.

However, with correct production and careful handling, there is no reason for baled silage to be a problem. Also, in cases where the wrap of a bale has been damaged, the loss is relatively minor compared with an extensive area of a clamp.

Food safety starts at the beginning of the chain. The hygienic quality of feed is very important for the farmer handling the feed, for the dairy cow and for the milk as a consumer product.

High quality bale silage is a natural and clean material well suited for animal feeding. Traceability is guaranteed in all cases by marking each bale and by documenting the production process — for example in field records.